Thursday, 27 February 2014

Shoes & trees

One of the happiest places in Dorchester has to be the skate park! Young people spend hours and hours here enjoying this fabulous facility. Dorchester has a lot of talented young people and some of them are very good at skateboarding! I am always amazed that however busy the park gets, there always seem to be a system for taking turns, and the young people who use it should be given credit for their behaviour, which only ever seems to be fair and good. It seems to be a badge of honour to throw one of your shoes into the trees that overhang the park, I imagine that may not be popular with parents whose children arrive home with one shoe, but the shoetree now marks the site of the skatepark.
There is a business that has been running in Dorchester for many years called Shoetrees!
It is in Trinity Street and is where I go to get my shoes mended and keys cut. They also sell bags and luggage, and have another shop opposite which has more accessories and gifts.
The staff are always cheerful, and give a good service. Dorchester has some very special independant businesses. I took a pair of boots into be repaired this week and they have a sign on their counter saying they are selling eggs! Hens and Ducks! So there is more to Shoetrees than you think!

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