Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Shepherd o' the farm

I was stood looking at this plaque today in Durngate Street in Dorchester. I was thinking about the line 'An' when the evenen sheades be long'

 Changing the clocks last weekend into British Summer time indicates we are heading towards the season that William Barnes was referring to.

There are no warm evenings to enjoy yet though, the strong winds that we have been having over the past 48 hours have at least arrived before the blossom has come out on the trees. The fountains in Brewery Square are dancing in the wind!

The high winds must be challenging for those working on the tall buildings and cranes!

Some of the structures are changing the skyline of the town considerably.

There is lots of activity and refurbishment happening in Dorchester. The Junction Hotel has just had a makeover and looks very inviting! 

As always there is plenty of colour to be found in the town at Easter time. Look at all these wonderful goodies on display in Carluccios.

I like the look of this one!

Or these perhaps? 

As always there is often a talented musician or two to be found busking in the town!

Whatever your plans are for the Easter break, I wish you a happy one. I feel lucky to live in such a vibrant town that is constantly evolving! I am looking forward to those summer evenings that our local poet wrote about in 'The Shepherd o'the farm'.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Weldmar Hospice Trust

Dorchester is the home of the Weldmar Hospice Trust. It is an independent charity which supports people who's lives are affected by cancer and other life limiting conditions. The charity is well supported in the town and has a number of different shops that raise funds for their important work.

My daughter has recently started as volunteer, working in the bookshop. It is located in South Street and is always well stocked with generous donations.

In Trinity Street, there is a large shop, which sells a good selection clothing and house ware items. The shop is often bustling, but is always kept tidy and organised.

One of Weldmar's three outlet stores is currently located on the Poundbury West Industrial Estate, but will be moving shortly to bigger premises. This shop stocks furniture and larger household items and a selection of clothing.

Whichever shop you visit you will always receive a warm welcome from the staff. Donations are always appreciated. The trust runs 19 shops in Dorset and 3 furniture outlets. 

Recently I attended a training course held at Hammick House in Poundbury. 

Weldmar offer a selection of training courses relating to their work. 

Looking back to my blog that was posted on the 8th March 2014, it seems that I was sitting in the sunshine on the terrace of Carluccios. That is not the case this year, today is dull and damp, but spring is nearly here and Dorchester is a cheerful town whatever the weather is doing!