Friday, 29 August 2014

Poundbury Hillfort

Last evening I was lucky enough to spend some time outdoors! I joined a group for a walk to Poundbury Hillfort.
It always amazes me that within 10 mins of my home in central Dorchester I can find myself in beautiful countryside.
Looking out over the River Frome, the picturesque views and the historical landscape gave me a feeling of contentment.

I was also experimenting with a new navigational aid. I have downloaded the Ordnance Survey App' to my i-phone.

The application is free, the maps are sold in sections for £1.99 each, so you can just purchase the area you need. Once downloaded it will  help you plan a route or record the route you have travelled.
I need to practice using it a bit more, but I think it will be useful. 
We explored the Bronze Age site and also the Roman aqueduct which used to provide water to the town of Dorchester, formally known as Durnovaria! The water was directed to the town from the village of Frampton, where there was a dam in the river. 

The water was used in Dorchester to supply the public baths and other properties in the town. There is a fountain in Princes Street which marks it's location. 
The earlier Roman baths were in Icen way.

I also learned from our excellent local guide that the area was used in World War 1 as a Prisoner of War Camp.
I was just happy to be outside in the fresh air with my daughter and some good company, but it certainly was a thought provoking evening! 

Monday, 25 August 2014

Anonymous in Dorchester

A diverse selection of entertainment was to be found in Dorchester this weekend! The very successful Anonymous family festival on Saturday, followed by the 'Love Parade' on Sunday.

Both events were held in Maumbury Rings, with Sunday's event starting with a parade through the town. This year the event had a science fiction theme. 

South Walks was the venue for a French market.

All three events were favoured by the fine weather,  many local people were able to enjoy a selection of entertainment, and listen to live music with their families. 

 Unfortunately wet weather looks as though today's events may have to be cancelled, but perhaps it will clear up soon and I should find my welllyboots!

Friday, 15 August 2014

A beautiful day

What some beautiful sights and sounds I came across today in Dorchester. The flower beds in the Borough Gardens look stunning and the colours are so vibrant and exciting! 

There was a very talented singer in the town, her voice seemed to resonate around the contented shoppers in South Street, and was a perfect accompaniment to the warm sunny afternoon. 

How easy it is to miss things of beauty when you are in a hurry. This little fountain for example that marks the spot where a Roman Aqueduct entered the town's main supply,  to bring water to the town's public baths.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Tolpuddle Martrys Museum

Following my visit to Shire Hall this week, I have today visited the Martyrs Museum in Tolpuddle near Dorchester. Having learnt the details of their trial in the courtroom, the full story of the labourers  plight can be learnt here.
The cottage where the clandestine meeting took place! 
I was interested to learn that Charles Wollaston was one of the Jury members. I have previously recorded that my impression of him was a very warm hearted gentleman. However I have discovered that he did not support the labourers, and sided with his step brother James Frampton, who was responsible for the case being brought to court in the first place. 

And it seems that the local vicar was also no help to the Tolpuddle men,  as he promised the labourers that he would be supportive,  but it seems he was in fact influenced by financial factors! Not an uncommon story!  

So a secret oath led to the men being deported to Australia! I will be careful whom I share my secrets with from now on! I will most certainly be crossing one bridge in Dorchester very carefully in the future, as it still has this sign attached to it!