Friday, 1 August 2014

Tolpuddle Martrys Museum

Following my visit to Shire Hall this week, I have today visited the Martyrs Museum in Tolpuddle near Dorchester. Having learnt the details of their trial in the courtroom, the full story of the labourers  plight can be learnt here.
The cottage where the clandestine meeting took place! 
I was interested to learn that Charles Wollaston was one of the Jury members. I have previously recorded that my impression of him was a very warm hearted gentleman. However I have discovered that he did not support the labourers, and sided with his step brother James Frampton, who was responsible for the case being brought to court in the first place. 

And it seems that the local vicar was also no help to the Tolpuddle men,  as he promised the labourers that he would be supportive,  but it seems he was in fact influenced by financial factors! Not an uncommon story!  

So a secret oath led to the men being deported to Australia! I will be careful whom I share my secrets with from now on! I will most certainly be crossing one bridge in Dorchester very carefully in the future, as it still has this sign attached to it!

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