Friday, 1 May 2015

Lonely Bouquet in Dorchester

I am keen to see the film 'Far From The Madding Crowd' which is released in the cinema this weekend, so I walked past the Odeon cinema this morning to check out the show times. I am sure that the film based on the Thomas Hardy book will be very popular, and I was pleased to see that there are lots of showtimes over this weekend. Whilst walking away from Brewery Square I noticed a small bouquet of flowers laying on the bench outside Pizza Express.

I thought perhaps that someone had had an accident there last night or that perhaps someone had not turned up for a date and the flowers had been left undelivered. I am naturally an inquisitive person and on closer inspection I noticed two small cards tucked in with the flowers.

How wonderful for me to find The Lonely Bouquet left on the bench by Peter Hart Bespoke Floral Design of Dorchester.
As I knew that a member of Carluccios staff was leaving today to take up her new role in  the new Cheltenham branch, I decided that I should give her the flowers.

What a lovely reminder for her of her last day in Dorchester!

So as instructed on the card I am sharing this blog to the Peter Hart Facebook page to show how the lonely bouquet was adopted.

Link to the Telegraph review of the film 'Far from the madding crowd'