Friday, 29 August 2014

Poundbury Hillfort

Last evening I was lucky enough to spend some time outdoors! I joined a group for a walk to Poundbury Hillfort.
It always amazes me that within 10 mins of my home in central Dorchester I can find myself in beautiful countryside.
Looking out over the River Frome, the picturesque views and the historical landscape gave me a feeling of contentment.

I was also experimenting with a new navigational aid. I have downloaded the Ordnance Survey App' to my i-phone.

The application is free, the maps are sold in sections for £1.99 each, so you can just purchase the area you need. Once downloaded it will  help you plan a route or record the route you have travelled.
I need to practice using it a bit more, but I think it will be useful. 
We explored the Bronze Age site and also the Roman aqueduct which used to provide water to the town of Dorchester, formally known as Durnovaria! The water was directed to the town from the village of Frampton, where there was a dam in the river. 

The water was used in Dorchester to supply the public baths and other properties in the town. There is a fountain in Princes Street which marks it's location. 
The earlier Roman baths were in Icen way.

I also learned from our excellent local guide that the area was used in World War 1 as a Prisoner of War Camp.
I was just happy to be outside in the fresh air with my daughter and some good company, but it certainly was a thought provoking evening! 

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