Thursday, 20 February 2014

Eye eye

I have needed to wear glasses since I was about 10 years old. I remember hating my first frames as they were the free National Health ones for children and had curly wire bits that wrapped around your ears. They came only in pink or blue plastic and the only good bit about getting them was choosing the case. I was very excited at the age of about 16 to have the opportunity to try out contact lenses. I was working full time by that age and it was the only thing that I was desperate to buy. I spent a lot of time then involved in sailing, and wearing glasses at sea, means you are constantly cleaning the salt water off of them. Wearing the lenses was an absolute revelation for me and I have been wearing them ever since. 
My first appointment was with I. J Brown in Weymouth, where I was listed as  contact lens customer number 2. I often wondered who number 1 was. I had no reason to change opticians when I moved to Dorchester, as I had only ever received excellent eye care. I transferred to the Dorchester Branch and am now in the good hands of Mr Paul Walllis. It is interesting that this independent optician has been in existence since 1882, I sometimes think that the front door of the Dorchester branch may in fact actually be that old, as it always gets a bit stuck! The brass door knob is always shiny though, and the staff are always extremely attentive. 
Dorchester has many more opticians and I am sure they also offer a great service, in fact the shop where I worked in my twenties Southern Electricity showroom is now a Specsavers. I just have never felt the need to go elsewhere. 
I am now wearing daily bi-focal contact lenses, so I can see clearly in the distance and update this blog without the need for glasses! 

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