Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Maumbury Rings

With the high winds causing havoc today I have been watching the big trees in Maumbury Rings swaying in the wind. Last year one had to be felled when a large branch was brought down in a gale. The picture above was taken last summer at event being held in the Rings.
Maumbury Rings is free to visit and is a very historical site. Originally it dates back to the the late Neolithic era, a henge with excavations and human remains dating it back to 2,500 BC.
The Romans used it as an amphitheatre and during the English Civil War it was used as an artillery fort to protect the town.
During the summer I attended a concert, which was free for the residents of Dorchester to enjoy and I have to say that the Romans probably had the best idea as it is a perfect open air theatre venue.It certainly provided clever acoustics and is a natural encompassing location.  I have also attended an open air theatre event organised by Dorchester Arts.
When it snowed last year I think nearly every child in Dorchester headed to the Rings with a plastic sledge, coffee tray or plastic sheet to enable them to slide down the perfectly sloped banks! The 'whoops' and 'whees' you could hear were quite delightful!

Link to Dorchester Arts

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