Thursday, 6 February 2014

PC in the Library

Thought I would pop in and have a chat with Dorchester Police this morning in the towns lovely new Library. The Safer Neighbourhood team are regularly accesible for the public to talk to there, and have a Twitter feed which tells you when they will be there. I talked about my concerns regarding the Market car park, and it appears that it is now locked during the night. The prices in the car parks are due to be increased. The Town Council obviously think that it  may be detrimental to the Brewery Square restaurants to lock the near covered car park space at night so are deciding to leave it unlocked. My concern is that the car club that I previously wrote about in my earlier post may become more of a nuisance to residents during the night.  The people who are meeting here are not all local, and advertise their meeting via social media. They have the opportunity to meet in a covered lit facility, yet do not contribute to any local council taxes. I have written today to the Town Council.
The Library is a great new facility for our town, and it was good to see it busy this morning! It's a very good to place to visit on a rainy day in February!

Dorchester Police Safer Neighbourhood twitter

Link to Dorsetforyou Library page

New car park charges, report from Dorset Echo

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