Saturday, 22 February 2014

Sunshine cats & farmers markets

It's a relief for many outdoor traders to finally have a dry sunny day. Today in Dorchester in South St was the farmers market. This is held on the fourth Saturday of every month from 9am until 1pm. It was so sunny in fact that I had to go and give my windows a clean as they looked so very grimy after all the weeks of rain. I am sure, cleaning just a few windows, is what many people who have been affected by the flooding would envy.
I have volunteered to help Cats Protection keep their profile raised on social media. Their shop, which I have mentioned previously is in Great Western Road. There are so many well managed charity shops in Dorchester, but you might miss this one, and that would be unfortunate. Two young cats live with me, Margo & Mitch. They were both rescue kittens. They are not siblings, but were raised in the same litter. Margo was abandoned by her mother after she fell down between a wall and a fence. She was found by an employee at a surf shop in Bournemouth. He contacted Cats protection and little Margo was adopted by Mitch's Mum, along with several other brothers and sisters.
To adopt a kitten from Cats protection you must agree to have them neutered as soon as they are old enough. Many older cats need re-homing for various reasons and this charity works very hard at giving each animal a home suited to it's individual needs.

Farmers market list of traders

Cats protection web page

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