Tuesday, 25 February 2014

What a load of rubbish

Never has household waste management become quite so advanced! Today in Dorchester we have received our instruction leaflet for Dorset's new recycling scheme. It is really good to see so much effort is being put into this aspect of our daily living, as we are constantly reminded of the effects that climate change are having on us. My community of housing has opted for a communal waste bin as many of the home owners are apartments, and individual bins are not practical. It appears that we will now be able to recycle a lot more. I have always encouraged my family to recycle, but this scheme I feel will make it more manageable and is to be encouraged! 
Last week  I was visiting my daughter in Birmingham, and we visited the ICC. We stopped for a drink at a Starbucks Cafe, where I was outraged to be given a paper cup. I asked for a china one, as I was drinking it on the premises and it was changed for me. I sat and watched the bins being emptied and all the plastic and paper waste was bagged together. So much waste generated so unnecessarily  was appalling. I understand takeaway coffee is popular but it seemed that convenience seems to be taking presidence over common sense! I checked the Starbucks web site and they claim to be recycling by separating their food waste from their 'mixed dry recyclables', and renouncing all responsiblilty if the premises occupied is rented.
I will support Dorset councils new scheme, but I do feel that even if all of Dorchester residents work hard at recycling their waste it is not going to help our planet if big companies such as Starbucks don't do the same!

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