Thursday, 13 February 2014

A penny for them

A walk without getting soaked is something I have been longing for this week. Never have I ever seen Dorchester skate park quite so deserted! My walk in the February sunshine took me up High West Street and via Alington Street, where I bought some lunch from Lizzie's sandwich bar. A great place to get a bite to eat and enjoy it in the Borough Gardens if it is dry enough, which was my plan. Another option if you have young children, which I don't any more is to visit Munchkins play cafe in Princes Street. An absolute gem of a location for visiting with toddlers. I would have loved to have taken my children there when they were younger, if only it had been open then!
I was not the only one taking advantage of the sunshine, as the tennis courts were being used and lots of young children were using the playground.

After eating my sandwich I walked down Great Western Road. This is the road that the proposed traffic re-routing scheme will use. It is partly residential with some shops and businesses including a Thai Restaurant.  The Cat's Protection Charity shop window has been very impressively dressed in a Valentines theme, I thought I was in Soho! The lovely bicycle pictured above is in the window of Dorchester Cycles, who stock a big range of bikes and accessories. The improvement to cycle paths in Dorchester is excellent now and even my 79 year old Dad managed to cycle from Weymouth  to Dorchester on an electric bike last year. You can check the traffic free routes on the Sustrans web page which I have linked below.
Another business that has been running for many years is Car Radios (Dorchester) Ltd. I hope the new traffic scheme planners will have empathy with the residents and businesses, and consider carefully both the positive and detrimental affects that may be caused.

Munchkins Play Cafe

Link to Sustrans map

Dorchester Cycles

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