Saturday, 1 February 2014

A sleepless night

Opposite Brewery Square in Dorchester is the market car park, and on a Wednesday the very popular market is held there.  On a Sunday morning there is a regular car boot sale which is also extremely popular. There is a covered area which I remember when I worked in the town in my twenties was a busy livestock market. There is also Dukes Fine Arts auctioneers, they are going to be moving into the former Pullman court in the road opposite the Station pub, see the link below.
Recently a group of car enthusiasts have been meeting in this covered market area, on a Friday or Saturday evening! When I say 'enthusiast' this particular group seem keen on cars with very large exhaust pipes, blacked out windows and have a particularly sinister look about them.
The photo above was taken one Saturday evening when I was returning home after supper out. The drivers mostly were young men and all seemed to have a female passenger. The drivers all parked, some got out and some just 'revved' their engines. On this occasion there was a police man talking to one of the drivers and I imagined he was asking them to move on. I did feel the situation was quite intimidating for the single police car.
Last night at about 2.30am I was woken by the sound of loud car noises nearby, as I often am at the weekends. It seems the car club often congregate in this car park and then take pleasure in using the quiet Dorchester roads to drive their noisy cars around at speed. The outside car park whilst very busy during the day is often empty at this time and provides a playground for them.
As the police station is opposite this car park, this always surprises me as, but I think their antagonistic, antisocial behaviour is all part of the the clubs rituals!
I do hope that the police are able to keep this sort of thing from escalating as apart from waking me up, I have learnt this morning there was a lot of vandalism in the town last night. These incidents may be completely unrelated but a call for more CCTV coverage in the town on Twitter this morning I fully support, and cuts to policing in the town is of some concern.

Link to Echo report about Dukes relocation

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