Saturday, 15 February 2014

The record player

It seems that teenagers are keen to get their hands on record players and music to play on them. Having dumped my collection of LP records many years ago, it turns out that my sister's collection has been stored safely in my parents loft. My niece who is 14 has desires to listen to the music that her mother played in her youth, and do it authentically, but was without a record player. Whilst most people now listen to downloaded music on miniature devices, the record player is now back in demand. Teenagers will always want to listen to new music, but learning how artists used to record their tracks is a good reminder of how music piracy is now a difficult thing to control.
Today I was pleased to be able to purchase a record player for my niece in the Dorchester Weldmar Hospicecare Trust outlet store. This store, if you have not already discovered it is a fine example of recycling at it's best. It is well run, and always tidy and organised. Shopping there always gives me great pleasure and I like donating  my unwanted items to an important local charity.
My neice was thrilled when I sent her a text to tell her what I had bought! I am not sure what my sister will think when she hears her old music being played again now that she is not the teenager!

Link to Weldmar charity shop

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