Sunday, 9 February 2014

Freddie in Sochi update

Quite an exciting start to the day watching Jenny Jones win Bronze medal in the snowboarding event! So very exciting and fantastic to watch! I have to inform any blog readers that my post yesterday was incorrect information. Brewery Square have no involvement with any sponsorship of any Olympic competitors, despite what they claim on their Facebook page.  It seems it was a joke! So I am not going to believe anything I read on there again! 
I have fully supported Brewery Square events since they opened, and have encouraged other people to do the same. I am extremely upset tonight by their rude belittling comment tonight, that implied that I should have realized 'Freddie' was not real. Obviously I thought that the information posted on their social media sites was factual. It appears that is not the case.
We had a lovely lunch in Zizzi on Saturday and purchased a very smart pair of Converse boots in Jones the Bootmakers for my daughter. One of our cats has been sleeping in the shoe box ever since! 

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