Monday, 3 February 2014

New earrings

There are lots of great independant businesses in Dorchester, many of which are thriving. Some of these are well established, but there are many new ones which is good to see.
Many shops and businesses offer loyalty points, and a fine example of customer loyalty benefits is offered by The Fridge delicatessen in the Tudor arcade. This tiny little shop is always well staffed, busy and fully stocked with some delightful products. Cheese is abundant,  and can be sampled before purchasing giving you a moment to decide what else to buy! Something on the full shelves will probably catch your eye! A loyalty card can be purchased to give you an annual discount on all that you buy!
Another shop that has started up a loyalty scheme is tucked away in behind the Nappers Mite cafe.
Every Cloud sells products made by local artists and designers. If you are looking for a present for someone you will nearly always find one in here. The shop has built up a range of unusual jewellery, glassware, and crafted items that the owner cleverly chooses to sell.
I was lucky to be given the earrings  pictured above, which are made of a very light 'biscuit tin' so are completely weightless when worn. These are from the range that are included in this months discounted offer for regular subscribing customers! What a treat!

Link to The Fridge Facebook page

Link to Nappers Mite cafe

Link to Every Cloud

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