Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Going retro

Dorchester has a good selection of vintage shops and very popular retro style cafe. It seems that all those pieces of furniture that were deemed as out of date a few years ago, are in fact extremely popular and fashionable again. I had lunch a few weekends ago in 'Re Loved' a cafe and shop at the end of South Street near the 'town pump'. Here you are treated to a step back in time, with the atmosphere of a past era. You can enjoy and good old fashioned 'cuppa', or a hearty lunch, and you will find it hard to resist the cake! The cafe was full of young people, re-living a time that they would never have of experienced the first time around. The cafe is upstairs and below is a shop stocked full of goodies, and if you are old enough to remember you will spend time reminiscing for sure!
Another shop very near by that sells vintage items is 'Custard Hall' which can be found in the Antelope walk. It is a small shop, but there is plenty to buy. Look upstairs but take care on the spiral staircase!
On the Grove trading estate, there is the 'Dorchester Curiosity Centre' which is an amalgamation of lots of different traders selling everything imaginable! Wrap up in warm clothing if you are going to visit in winter though as it is rather chilly,  there is a cafe inside where you can get a warm drink.
Here is what I last purchased in Custard Hall!

Report from the Echo about 'Re-Loved'

Link to Custard Hall

Link to Dorchester Curiosity Centre

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