Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sweet dreams

Saturdays are always busy in Dorchester, there are often many charity events to support. I have a friend who runs a business in Weymouth called 'Precision Engraving'. Claire my friend was involved in an event to celebrate Dorset Woman's Day at the 'Dorford Centre' at Dorchester Baptist Church on Bridport Road.
The event was being run by WAND Dorset (Womens action network Dorset). I arrived in the afternoon and realized that I had missed some really interesting workshops, but I was lucky enough to hear a great a cappella group called 'Ladies of the Lawn'. I particularly enjoyed their rendition of 'Sweet Dreams' which was originally sung by Annie Lennox and the Eurythmics. I follow Annie on Twitter as I admire her as a musician and for her committed charity work including raising awareness of HIV and AIDS and how it affects women and children in Africa.

Link to Precision Engraving

Link to WAND Dorset

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