Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Pie week & Fortuneswell Cancer Trust

Walking past the busy Dorchester market today were some people dressed in yellow tabards collecting for a charity. I recognised one of them as my family GP when I was a child. I spoke to Dr Evans and discovered he was promoting awareness of the 'Fortuneswell Cancer Trust'. I took a leaflet and promised to return with some cash to put in his collection box. The aim of this charity is to improve the services to cancer patients in Dorset. The Fortuneswell ward was opened in 2012 at the County hospital in November 2012, for the care and treatment of cancer patients.
I called into The Fridge, to buy something for lunch and discovered it is British Pie Week! Well that made the decision easy as to what to buy for lunch! I also bought some cherry tomatoes which had just arrived from the Isle of Wight and looked splendid on the display outside the shop!
I returned with some cash to donate to the cancer trust, and informed Dr Evans that it was British Pie week! He must of thought I was quite mad!

 Link to the Fortuneswell Cancer Trust

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