Monday, 31 March 2014

A taste of things to come

A new rector has been installed at St Mary's Church in Dorchester.

A rector has responsiblity for a parish.

There are some very old and historical churches in the town, St Mary's is one of the churches included in the Dorchester Benefice along with St Georges in Fordington, St Peter's in the town centre and also includes St Andrews Church which is in the village of West Stafford.

The Churches welcome everyone, whatever their beliefs.

Dorchester is in the diocese of Salisbury.

I was interested to read that the Rev Cannon Thomas Woodhouse was formerly a chef. He will love living in our town now we have so many fine restaurants. 

You can see St Mary's Church from Carluccios. I was having breakfast there on Sunday, the roof of the church can be seen through the window! 

I hope the new rector and his family will enjoy our lovely town. 

Link explaining the parish of Dorchester


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