Friday, 4 April 2014

Education blossoms in Dorchester

On Wednesday my youngest daughter had an appointment at the Thomas Hardye School in Dorchester. She has applied to join the sixth form in September. 

We walked from our house, and enjoyed looking at the blossom on the trees in Queen's Avenue. I seem to remember that last year,  just as it had all flowered, a big wind came and blew it all away! 

The appointments were very organised, and we were met at the gates by pupils wearing yellow T-shirts, who couriered us to the sixth form centre. The student who met us was friendly and chatty,  and very enthusiastic about his school! 
We were met by some more equally enthusiastic students, and teachers. There was quite a number of students wearing different coloured school blazers, applicants obviously applying from many different schools. 
It was good to see the head teacher conducting some of the interveiws himself. Our appointment was with the Head of the maths department. 

The school is at the end of Queen's Avenue, which is a long straight residential road with large trees on either side. 

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