Thursday, 20 March 2014

Open all hours

Today I met Tasha. A really warm friendly lady who is opening Fairfield Convenience Store in Dorchester.  I have seen builders working on the site which was formally a gas appliance showroom.

Tasha told me that they do not have their signage ready yet, but the shop is open.  It is located on the corner of Maumbury Road at the junction next to the traffic lights.

It is a very busy junction at certain times of the day, and the shop is on the route that many people use to walk to the town centre, and to The Thomas Hardye school.

 The shop I am sure will be popular. Especially with school children and students, providing they have some pocket money.

There is no pedestrian crossing on Maumbury Road, which I feel is a concern. It looks quiet in my photo, but gets quite congested at times.  The junction has 4 exits and joins the main road in and out of Dorchester. I walked this way this morning to the Doctors surgery in Queens Avenue. It is not very pedestrian friendly, but it is hard to see how it could be improved. The main road at this junction is also a railway bridge, so it can not be widened easily. There is a footbridge across the other railway bridge in Maumbury Road.
There is a children's nursery in the vicinity, called Chipmunks, which is in Herringston Road. I wish Tasha every success with her new store, and I will find it most convenient, however, would urge all motorists to be aware of young children and other pedestrians, trying to cross the road.

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