Saturday, 8 March 2014

Something fishy

Goulds is a long established department store in Dorchester. I was in the mens clothing department with my husband on Saturday and we noticed a range of shirts hanging awkwardly.

They were hanging with the hook bit of the coat hanger up through the sleeve, which was all scrunched up. An assistant saw us looking at them and told us that they were meant to look like a fish?
Well it certainly got our attention! It did, once we had been told, perhaps resemble a fish!

The brand name is 'A Fish Named Fred'.

The shirts were bright and fun, and I have to say that this marketing idea is really clever. What can you do to get your brand noticed? It has to be different!

 I liked them.

 Perhaps I will buy one.

Would I have noticed the range of shirts if they had been hanging up the right way? Who knows. but I know the brand now, so it worked!

We walked back in the sunshine and stopped for a coffee and sat on the terrace of Carluccios for the first time this year.  It's so nice to be be having a bit of settled weather at long last.

Link to A Fish Named Fred clothing

Link to Carluccios

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