Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Elephant in the Room

Welcome to the first post of 2016. I have been in hibernation! Actually that is not true, I have just been very busy. The picture above is the frost on my conservatory window last week, the first of the winter, as it has been so wet and mild.

I have been busy working and learning. Last week I learnt how to record a podcast, and if you would like to listen to it, use this link:- Social Embers podcast.

This weekend there has been an event at the Corn Exchange in Dorchester called 'The Elephant in the Room'.  The event is aimed at trying to encourage more people to become aware of, and to talk about end of life issues that affect us all.

The Corn Exchange in Dorchester is now a community venue, for arts, and events and it is a building that the town is very proud of, partly for it's history and its connection to the Thomas Hardy novel 'The Mayor of Casterbridge'.

There are some beautiful detailed needlework projects hanging on the walls, and the one pictured above hangs on the staircase and is stunning!

The event that was being held this weekend, was a mixture of talks, exhibitions and friendly and and open conversation. Refreshments were available, both lunch and tea, and I have to say the most delicious carrot cake I have tasted in a long while.
I was able to attend several talks, all of which I found valuable and enjoyable.
The first talk was by a lady called Antonia Rolls who had her artwork on display. The talks were upstairs so there was plenty of room downstairs for displays from local businesses and charities who's work was related to the subject.
Antonia's talk was called "A Graceful Death" and following the death of the love of her life, she had channeled her her grief into her paintbrush. This is a beautiful and very intimate exhibition and I have included a link here if you would like to find out more.

I also attended a talk given by Felicity Warner who runs an organisation called Soul Midwives. The organisation which has been running for over 20 years uses holistic and spiritual practices to provide gentle palliative care both in the UK and abroad. Unfortunately I missed the beginning, but I was very humbling to meet such a sincere and inspiring woman.

I could not stay to listen to all of the talks, but there were many who did. My day was an important one, and I am glad that I was able to attend.

The Corn Exchange will be hosting a Wedding Fair next weekend, so a good of opportunity to see local businesses all in one place. The full details of the fair are linked here.


  1. So glad yo enjoyed the event Sandy, it was a pleasure to bring The Elephant in the Room to Dorchester. We got to meet some lovely people and it was a joy to be able to create a space for people to talk openly about something that is so often seen as a taboo subject.

  2. Thank you Sandy, I am so glad you were with us.

    1. Thank you for your comment Antonia, I am glad that I was able to see your work on Saturday.