Saturday, 12 March 2016

Dorchester Time

I was reminded this week that I had not updated this blog for some time.  That reminder got me thinking about what my subject would be for a March blog post. It seems that February's has been missed, but as that is now in the past I would like only to focus on the present.

I have been taking part in a Mindfulness for Health course, which is aimed at helping people live with long term pain. The course is extremely beneficial,  and one of the things that it teaches you is to be present in the moment that you are in. So whatever time it is when you are read this blog post,  remember that you are reading it now.

I decided the subject would be 'Dorchester Time' and have photographed some of the clocks that I noticed when walking in the town yesterday. It did not take me long to find them. I wonder if you know where they all are:

And where can you go to buy a clock or a watch in Dorchester? What about Clockhouse Jewellers which has been trading in Dorchester since 1963?

The shop next door to them also had a clock in the window! 

There are some splendid looking wrist watches in Jordan's Jewellers in Princes Street.

My walk took me back towards my home in the direction Brewery Square, and past Avenue Interiors, who have clocks in their window,

and some very grand and larger clocks inside:

I am sure there are many more that I have missed, but that's ok as I can spend more time in Dorchester!

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