Thursday, 2 October 2014

Duke's progress

Living close to a developing area I am able to see the progress of Dorchester's Brewery Square area. Twice this week I have been approached by groups of students from local schools who are studying the area for geography projects. Both groups were interested in finding out about what effect the development is having on the town.
During the past few weeks, work has started on the former Pullman Court, which is a large building next to the development. This has been purchased by Dukes Auctioneers. 

The building has been empty for several years and is now going to be transformed into modern new auction rooms and an art gallery. 
Having seen the transformation of the Brewhouse & Kitchen this year, it is exciting to see another business flourish.

The Duke family history is extensive and the original auctioneering business was formed for agricultural and livestock sales.
The business link with Henry Duke and Son is now only the name and there is no family connection to the current business. 

The current salesroom is opposite Carluccio's and Vivo Lounge. The new auction house is due to open in 2015.

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