Friday, 17 October 2014

A bit too wet for ghosts.

I have seen the signs for the Dorchester Ghost walk advertised but have never done it, as I had always considered it a tourist attraction rather than an activity for a resident. However when I work as an ambassador for the town I often get asked to recommend different types of activities for our diverse range of visitors.
Last evening I had arranged to meet a group of friends from Weymouth who had booked the tour which runs weekly on a Thursday Evening at 8pm. I thought that by experiencing the walk I would be able to speak more knowledgeably about it.

I arrived in good time in torrential rain, and thought that perhaps the walk would be cancelled. We met Chris, our guide, and our group of 20 or so gathered in the Kings Arms Hotel where the walk began.

Chris collected our £6 fee in his hat, he was a jovial character and assessed the age range of the group,  to ensure his jokes were suitable!

I apologise for the lack of photographs in this post, but getting an electronic device out in the heavy rain was difficult. The rain however did not affect Chris's enthusiasum for his ghostly tales!

We sheltered in various covered places in the town, whilst Chris recounted tales 
which were a blend of historical facts and fiction.

I did not complete the walk, I left the group at the Roman Town House. My friends however, carried on to the prison. Dorchester Prison is now closed and is a potential site for redevelopment in the town.

Chris took the rest of the group into the disused prison. The security guards then appeared with torches and escorted them off the premises! My friends were all very amused!

I have learnt where the most haunted house in Dorchester is, but I can't tell you as you might want to do the walk yourself? Can I recommend though that you pick a drier evening!

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