Monday, 22 September 2014

Spending time in Dorchester looking for clocks!

I have been looking for clocks today in Dorchester with my eldest daughter. Visitors will see these beautiful clocks in locations around the town. We picked up a leaflet from the Tourist Information Centre in Trinity Street.

The new Dorchester BID project is called 'Hidden Language, Hidden Trails' and 2 of the 6 trails are currently in place.

We started with the 'Food & Drink Trail' and a map on our leaflet showed us where to find the first clock.

The clocks all show a word that written in the Dorset Dialect, taken from the words written by William Barnes. These words can be translated by looking on the Dorchester BID web site, where there is a glossary.

We also investigated the digital 'app' that has been created for use on a smartphone. This worked well and we were able to scan the clocks and were linked directly to the glossary!

So my daughter and I are now learning another language! 

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