Thursday, 22 May 2014

Charlton Byam Wollaston

When the weather is good I often walk via the Borough Gardens in Dorchester and sometimes along West Walks which is often cooler on a hot day, as it is shaded by big trees. 

  The last time I walked along there I noticed an inscription above a large garden doorway.

 The gateway is a memorial to Charlton Byam Wollaston.

  I have discovered that he was a Justice of the Peace and was a very much respected man.

 As the gate way leads into this property I imagine that this was his home, and I can find records of him living at Cliff house, so I imagine this must be it, although  I couldn't see a name on the property.

 He was born the second Charlton Byam Wollaston as his baby brother died before his 1st birthday.  His Mother was Phillis who was the daughter of Samuel Byam who came from Antigua in the West Indies.  Charlton's Father was a Royal doctor, he died in 1764, and his mother re-married James Frampton in the same year. This means she would have been pregnant with Charlton and mother to a young baby Charlton's older sister. Phillis had two more children with her second husband James Frampton.

My interest took me to St Nicholas Church in Moreton, where both Charlton and his mother are buried.

St Nicholas Church Moreton

 Having found both Charlton's and his mother's memorial stones here, I have discovered that both were very warm hearted people. You can see from what is written on Phillis's that she was a much loved  and respected woman. She did not allow her wealthy background to lead her away from a  commitment to her morals and family values.

 Charlton did not marry and did not have any children, but it seemed he was well educated and  devoted much his life to public justice.

                    'the friendly feeling which all who knew him must have noticed' (The Gentleman's magazine 13:1840, 12)

 What inspirational people to have lived in our lovely town of Dorchester and extremely humbling. I  will try to replicate their kind manners when working as an ambassador for Dorchester BID!

It is recorded that during Charlton's funeral all the shops and businesses in the town closed to pay respect to him while the funeral procession took him to his burial place in the village of Moreton.

His nephew William Shirley must have thought a great deal of his uncle to leave such a grand memorial to his relative.  It is a splendid gateway! Have a look next time you walk along West Walks!

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