Tuesday, 27 May 2014

2 weeks of art

 On Friday evening I was pleased to have tickets to attend the Quick Draw event being held at Sculpture by the Lakes near Dorchester. The event marked the start of Dorset Arts Weeks, which has over 1,000 artists involved.
At this event a number of artists had 1 and a half hours to complete a project, which was then sold in an auction. I was made to feel extremely welcome by the hosts and was treated to an evening of creativity in the most beautiful of surroundings!

 During the weekend I spent some time enjoying the music and fun that was to be enjoyed in the Borough Gardens. The Dorchester festival despite the rain on Saturday was an opportunity to spend time enjoying performing arts, such as music, dance and theatre.

The Art Weeks events are continuing until 8th June 2014 and venues all over Dorset are open to the public. 

 This couple said they had not played together for months! You most certainly would not have believed them, they were great!

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