Sunday, 11 May 2014

A local brew

My first  blog post at the end of January 2014 was about the Station Pub in Dorchester. Could I have ever imagined that in less that 4 months it could have been transformed into the stylish Brewhouse & Kitchen that will be opening to the public tomorrow.

Living very close to this building I and many other residents have watched and heard the work to re-invent this old pub. A large extension has been added to the original building, extensive re-landscaping, stylish brickwork and attractive lighting have all been completed by an army of contractors.

As I can see the pub garden from my bedroom window I have been wondering what it was like inside, so I was pleased to be invited to preview lunch today, and that my God-daughter and partner could join my husband and myself.

We were warmly welcomed, and were able to meet and talk to the staff. It is clear that the pub wants to integrate with the local people, and to provide a homely and charming atmosphere.
I feel very lucky to have a microbrewery on my doorstep. I enjoy buying and eating local seasonal food and drink. I have this year enjoyed the Langham sparkling wines that are made near Dorchester.
I am sure this will become a place that I can enjoy with many of my friends and family, another wonderful addition to this auspicious town.

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