Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Pokemon Go in Dorchester

The timing of the UK launch for PokemonGo by Nintendo was perfect for the start of the summer holidays. My daughter has been enjoying a bit of rest and relaxation after sitting her A level exams this year, in preparation for university in September. She has been thoroughly enjoying playing PokemonGo and has told me that Dorchester is a great place to play.

Many companies must be extremely envious of Nintendo's success, as the popularity of the game sweeps across the world.

Players need a smartphone, which uses the phone's camera and GPS to locate different Pokemon creatures, such as Squirtle, Wartortle and Butterfree.

My daughter has told me that she has walked miles around Dorchester looking for the creatures, so is getting plenty of exercise, one of the benefits of the game. However, there is an element of concern for parents, which I would like to draw attention to,  here is a link to the NSPCC guide for parents, which I would recommend reading before allowing your children to play. Dorchester Police have asked parents to remind children that catching a wild Pokemon is not an excuse to trespass on to someone else's property.

We have enjoyed some lovely warm weather during July, and it has been good to see all the children splashing in the fountains in Brewery Square and the Borough Gardens.

Brewery Square reserve the right to turn off the fountains if their rules about using this lovely public space are not adhered to. The rules are very clear and are aimed at protecting children as much as respecting the environment, and local businesses and residents.

Do enjoy your summer in Dorchester, we are very lucky to have such a lovely place to play and work!

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