Monday, 12 October 2015

Blogging Masterclass Max Gate

A perfect location to be learning about blogging was sat at a table in the dining room at Max Gate in Dorchester.

Today I took part in an event organised by Literatureworks and The National Trust to encourage more people to become involved in literature in the South West of England. 
I previously have attended a very enjoyable talk at Dorchester Museum given by Author Helen Dunmore entitled 'Visiting Hardy' which was also part of their events programme.

My afternoon at Max Gate, former home of Thomas Hardy, was spent with a mix of newbie bloggers, experienced and successful ones, and a few verging on the brink of starting one!

Our masterclass leader has been blogging for 10 years, and was able to share her knowledge of how to create and sustain a following of regular readers. We learned some of the secrets of the publishing world and learned from each other how to advertise our blogs. 

Thomas Hardy first published some of his work in a magazine in monthly instalments, reaching an audience very much like a blog does now.

I was interested to learn that Lynne who writes Dovegreyreader scribbles blog, uses a paper notebook and pen to record her notes as she is reading a book. This is a tip that has helped me recently, when embarking on reading some of Hardy's novels. 
I have two aids now that help me with my reading, adding audio narration to a Kindle download, adds to my enjoyment, and keeping a notes of characters as they are emerge in the story helps me to follow the plot.
I am sure Thomas would have loved blogging!


  1. Hi Sandy - check your 1st sentence for spelling!! Cheers John

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    2. Hello John, thank you for pointing that out. I am smiling and wondering what the mis-spelt word brought to mind!

  2. Nice to see you there, and thanks for the tip about Keyword Planner. I'm enjoying your blog on Dorchester and hope you like some of our Roving Press blog posts about Dorset and literature too.

    1. Good to see you too! Thanks for the comment!