Saturday, 24 October 2015

Poppies, Town Crier and Literacy in Dorchester

Dorchester car parks were full to brimming today with so much going on in the town.
It may have been wet, but it most certainly wasn't miserable. 

The Dorchester Literacy Festival has a programme of cultural events this weekend, which are being  held at the County Museum, Dukes Galleries and Dorchester Library. 

The British Legion launched the poppy appeal in Brewery Square with the help of Dorchester Town Crier, who last week won first place in the National Town Crier competition in Hastings! 

Some very uplifting music could be heard in South Street, where the town's Durnovaria Silver Band was performing. 

Wishing Alistair Chisholm hearty congratulations, Did you hear his powerful today? If not then here is a link to last week's competition. 

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