Sunday, 15 February 2015

Social Embers new business in Dorchester

I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to obtain places on some free training courses for women new in business in Dorset. The training has helped me get my new website up and running and I can now share a link to it here!

 I have founded to investigate digital bereavement issues that are beginning to occur in the digital era. There is a blog on the website that may interest readers of this one! Please have look!

The series of training courses that I have attended have been sponsored by WSXEnterprise, The Government Equalities Office and Superfast Dorset and have been held under the umbrella title of 'Dorset Women Go Digital'

It has been a good opportunity for me to network with other women and to discover the evolving business ideas that are being created in Dorset and in Dorchester. 

Digital technology may be second nature to most people under 30 years old, but there are many older people that have not been familiar with it, who find the training extremely valuable. 

Certainly we are experiencing more and more digital technology in our daily lives, and the arrival of superfast broadband to Dorchester is welcomed by all in business. Those living in the rural villages that are still waiting to be connected can check here to see when that will happen. 

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