Monday, 26 January 2015

A year in Dorchester

I posted my first blog article on the 27th January 2014!  Here we are on the 26th January 2015  on the day that the first woman Bishop is to be consecrated in the UK!

Change happens!

This is the photograph of that I posted in that blog!

And here is the same place today! It is now the very warm and homely microbrewery Brewhouse and Kitchen 

I have been surrounded by building work since moving into my house in Dorchester three years ago. 

When I first moved in I could see St Peter's Church from my bedroom window! Then this happened!

Thankfully I can still hear the bells being rung in the bell tower on a Monday evening when they are practicing!

On the 28th March 2014 I posted this picture!

And here it is this morning!

Not much change there then!

I have established that this land belongs to Network Rail. Some local residents and friends of mine have been persuing a campaign to get it tidied up! I understand from correspondence that I have seen this morning that Brewery Square developers are trying to obtain a licence to enable them to tidy it up! Good news! 

Then it may look as good as the opposite side of the road!

There is change going on all around me! Dukes auctioneers are busy redeveloping their new home. 

The next phase of Brewery Square is growing!

And we are having a new gas pipe! 

The town is a bit disrupted due to these essential works, here is a link which explains what is happening and why! 

We can not live without change

I wonder what my January 2016 picture will look like? 


  1. You have forgotten to add your conservatory to the changes

    1. Thanks for taking time to read my blog Alan!