Monday, 27 January 2014

The Station Pub in Brewery Square

As this is to be my 'local' I am keeping an eye on it's development progress. This pub was formerly used by sports fans to watch football on big screens at the weekend and was mostly used by pool players. After it closed there was an arson attack on it last October and the building was left looking very sad.
I was pleased when I learnt that it was to be developed as part of the Brewery Square development and very interested to learn that it was to become a micro brewery under the management of 'Brewhouse & Kitchen'.
The public have opportunity to look at the planning applications on the Dorset For You website. Using the planning application number, which is usually pinned outside the property, or by using the map you can see what the developer intends to do. I was a little saddened to learn that the only evergreen tree in this road is to be cut down. It is titled an 'unremarkable' holly tree! I think it would not be entitled to a preservation order as it is nothing very special, and a tree consultant has now given it's last rights! There are plans to plant new trees, and I am sure that they will be stylish additions to the area, but I know the little goldfinches that arrive in spring will miss it. I put out niger seed in a feeder last year and was delighted when these migratory birds arrived. I used to watch them dart back and forth from the 'unremarkable' tree to my garden.
It will be good to see the building smartened up and I look forward to sampling some very local beer! 

Link to planning application

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