Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Vacant Vicar

Both my husband and my daughter sing in the choir at St Peter's Church in Dorchester. My daughter recently enjoyed singing with the other choir members at the top of the tower at 7a.m on Ascension Day. My husband had work as excuse, he would of enjoyed being accompanied by 3 trombones at a great height I am sure!
My daughter said it was higher than she expected, and would have liked it to have been a bit warmer, but still enjoyed the enthusiasm of the choir.
The Vicar of St Peter's has now left Dorchester, to take up her new role at Exeter Cathedral. I attended her installation service. I am not sure what they do there to celebrate Ascension Day, I will have to ask her, when I next visit.

Visitors attending the service were permitted to sit within the quire area. It was good to see that so many visitors from Dorchester had travelled to support Vicky in her new surroundings. There were so many visitors that the Cathedral wardens had to put out extra chairs!

I enjoyed visiting Exeter, and due to the timing of the service it gave me an opportunity to indulge in a bit of shopping.
I was tempted by the new Apple i-watch, but decided perhaps I would struggle with reading the very small font!

I enjoy new technology, and today I have been using a new app' on my i-phone. I installed Periscope a few weeks ago. Periscope offers the opportunity to stream live video to a list of followers. The audience can then interact with the film by adding comments. I discovered that Exeter Cathedral were using it, so I followed them.

Today I had a notification flash up on my screen to say that Exeter Cathedral were streaming live. I was then able to watch a short film about 'The Exeter Book' also known as Codex Exoniensis which is an anthology of anglo saxon poetry. I am finding there is no limit to the endless potential of new technology! I am an addict!
I was also able to listen to Vicky's first sermon from the Cathedral as they are recorded.

So perhaps the new Vicar of St Peters may be using an i-watch to time the sermons! The job is now advertised in the Church Times, here is the link:- Team Vicar vacancy in Dorchester.

Link to St Peter's Facebook Page where you can see the photo's from Ascension Day and listen to Vicky's Sermon.

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