Monday, 7 July 2014

A farewell concert

A concert was held in St Peters Church Dorchester last  Saturday Evening. The Thomas Hardye Singers are a  combination of pupils who are currently studying in the school's sixth form and members of the community.  

It was organised to say farewell to the Director of Music at Thomas Hardye School. Mr James Baker is leaving to start a new job in another part of the country. 
The concert was organised by Mr Peter Oakes who is also a  music teacher at the school. Past pupils had been contacted to join the current choir if they could. 

 St Peters Church was full. The talented musicians that these two teachers have supported have an excellent reputation, and the association with the school and the church continues to give many young students in Dorchester musical opportunities of a very high standard.

As my daughter was previously supported by these two teachers I was very keen to attend. She was able to join the choir as she is back in Dorchester after recently becoming a Bachelor of Music herself.

The concert was sublime,  the sound in my ears brought complete pleasure to my whole body and I felt as though I was made of warm candle wax, softly melting on to the pew, which normally feels  hard.
The music was chosen carefully to show the many varied talents of the young musicians. Peter Oakes was very proud to be performing the Funeral Music that was written for Queen Mary by Henry Purcell in 1695. He said he had wanted to be able to perform this piece for some time.
Looking around the audience, I could see many former pupils who were transfixed by this very emotional piece of music.

We were treated to a glass of Pimms in the interval as the church had applied for a licence for the event which was very welcome.

There is no doubt that young people in Dorchester have some very special music opportunities and the respect and friendship that has developed with staff in the Thomas Hardye Music department is extremely genuine. 

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