Saturday, 2 April 2016

The Fisherman's Daughter

The recent news that many libraries will be closing in the UK this year is a reminder to Dorchester residents to support the excellent facility that we have in the town. At the end of the beautiful South Walks is the West Dorset District Council offices.

Adjoining these offices is the Library and Learning Centre.

Yesterday a live theatre production called the Fisherman's Daughter was being performed there, and I went along to watch it. As-One Theatre's production was written for the recent maritme literary festival in Weymouth, but is now touring Dorset libraries. What a treat children and their carers had  as they sat enthralled, watching and listening to an interactive piece of educational theatre. 

The creative play is performed by 2 actors and 1 puppet called Harold who is a one legged seagull.
The characters are the Fisherman's daughter Jess, played by Beth Heath Netherton and Moyra an eccentric librarian who was played by the theatre company's artistic director/producer Jane Mckell.

The pair manage to weave literature, poetry, music, wildlife care, morse code, and passion for reading into the short play, whilst the children were captivated by the clever storytelling.

I admire the work of As-One Theatre, who always make quality family theatre accessible in Dorset.

The play will be performed in 3 more Dorset libraries next week, the link to the website is here, if you want to find out where you can see the play.

I spoke to some of the children afterwards and asked them what they had mostly enjoyed. It seemed that the interaction was popular and they loved telling their jokes to the seagull!

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